Email marketing is one of the most common and most reliable ways of reaching your target customer and converting your target client.  While Social Media has taken a large stride in producing results from paid ads, the benefits of email marketing have been proven over time with very high Returns on Investment (ROI).

Email marketing creates long-term relationships with current and potential clients.  Email marketing also allows you to soft sell (as opposed to hard) which is often the best way to nurture a potential client.

email marketingEmail Marketing and Nurturing

Nurturing potential clients is decidedly important; it allows you to maintain contact details without directly selling products or services.  Email is an efficient tool to identify your potential clients while retaining the integrity of your service or product.  Done right, Email Marketing encourages a steady climb of interest beginning in the early nurturing stages.

Capture Contacts

The first step is to engage your targeted audience with enticing content. For example, sharing a relevant summary or article regarding topics of interest for your target audience effectively captures users that may buy into your brand now or later.

Monitor Your NumbersAtigro Email Marketing

People will engage with your targeted content, but there will also be a drop-off in interest because most consumers are only researching, and not ready to purchase.  This is a wonderful opportunity for your business to start the conversion; not for hard selling, but to solidify a loyal fan, friend or follower.

Keep It Consistent

Email is key to any successful business. It enhances the customer filter process.  It may seem like a numbers game, but email marketing has been proven time and time again to be the most dependable and practical form of marketing out there.  Even when users filter or ignore your brand’s deals and coupons, email marketing can hit home by offering solutions and nurturing relationships.

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