Brand Reviews and Reputation:  The Online Trust Factor

Why Your Brand Matters

A brand’s reputation and online reviews can be the rise and/or fall of an entire online presence.  With an ever increasing number of consumers choosing to look at a brand’s reputation online prior to purchasing, it is essential that owners and companies closely monitor and audit their online reviews.

A brand’s visibility and online conversion is what Forbes Tech writer Murray Newlands describes as “Authenticity”.  He wrote, “As reviews relate to organic search, it’s just much harder to create a high-quality website today. There is more competition, and consumer expectation of site quality has increased.”

But how can you measure it?

That’s where gro.Reputation™  comes in.

With Atigro’s gro.Reputation™  you will understand your online brand and what people are saying about you.  This information is essential if you want to create loyal customers and be seen in the best light by potential new ones. It’s about your credibility.

How Atigro’s gro.Reputation™ Can Help

Below is a snapshot of some of the rankings and ratings we provide as an overview with gro.Reputation™.


With gro.Reputation™  you can:

  • See your brand’s reviews across all platforms in one simple dashboard
  • Give your friends, fans, and followers tailored feedback
  • Encourage reviewers to leave other positive comments on other platforms
  • Compare with your competition’s reviews and social influence

The Stats on Online Brand Reviews and Reputation

According to a study by BrightLocal and an article on, 88% of online users read reviews to determine the quality of a local business.


Atigro’s gro.Reputation™  can boost your brand to the next level. It encourages users who leave a positive review to concurrently post a review to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more.

The next time you are browsing the internet and see a review, be sure to give them some feedback on their products or services. It makes a difference!

If you are a business or work in the marketing department, be sure to get Atigro’s gro.Reputation™. You’ll see the results.

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