Putting the “Person” in Personalization: What You Can Do that the Tools Can’t

To make sure you can provide your clients and customers with the most positive and personalized experience possible, take a crack at the following. You may find it makes all the difference in your customer base… and that your client’s loyalties only increase as your level of personal attention does.  This is the first step in a trend towards personalizing the entire web experience which we talk about in our Pack a (Personalized) Punch Online post.

  1. Know your target audience’s preferences. There is no “mass consumer base” anymore, and people are complicated and intricate. Some organizations use taxonomy and other word-association technology to help sort customer’s preferences (learn more about taxonomy and classification here.)
  2. Put their names in it. No matter what “it” is, your customer will be more likely to respond positively if his or her name is included. A simple, everyday example comes from emails in our inboxes: promotional emails that are sent to an unspecified number of recipients and start off with nothing more than “To Our Valued Customer” get deleted first. If Barnes & Noble sends you a coupon for 20 percent off your next purchase but Amazon does that AND addresses you by name, who’s getting your dollar? Yep, Amazon it is.
  3. When they tweet, tweet back. Do as the birds do and keep that conversation chirping away! The more individualized attention you can give a customer, the more likely that person will be to do business with you again… and bring his friends.
  4. Keep your ears open. Listening to what your target audience is saying about your business is good for both parties: you learn what you’re doing well, and figure out how to improve on which parts of your business model are suffering or could at least be improved. Engaging your customers is critical, and the best way to start doing this is to meet them where they are. Listen to what they’re interested in, and capitalize on it!

The most cutting-edge associations and major companies like Target and Land’s End have already made the above tips into regular practices, and it’s time for you to, too. Personalization is the key to the future of businesses and sales, especially conducted over the internet. Time for you and your company to jump in, stand out, and pack a personalized punch!

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