Ken Fischer


Mr. Fischer is the founder and president of Atigro, a Washington DC-based technology firm specializing in web projects, software development, mobile applications, and digital marketing. With over 100 enterprise solutions successfully implemented, his firm serves national corporate and nonprofit entities.

Ken’s global experience extends to Hyderabad, India, where he manages a team of engineers and technical managers. Having spent significant time in the region, Mr. Fischer’s insight, combined with his technical expertise, adds value to operations and management.

Mr. Fischer attended Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis and University of Maryland Baltimore County.

Paula Adkins-Boyland

Operations Manager

Paula Adkins-Boyland has 10+ years of experience in managing teams and marketing projects, both virtually and in person. Prior to joining the Atigro team, she assumed the various roles of content specialist, marketing support specialist and project manager, among others, in a small business setting. Due to her diverse skill set and experience overseeing and building partnerships within work teams, she is uniquely equipped to serve in the position of Operations Manager. She applies a focused, detail-oriented approach to any given task list, and brings great professional perspective to the team.

Paula approaches each transaction with efficiency, purpose, and open-mindedness. She is a team player; her coordination skills ensure open communication between team members and clients, resulting in clarity and cooperation for all involved.


Michael Kaplan

Chief Marketing Officer

Based in Taipei & Washington DC, Michael is Chief Marketing Officer at Atigro. Formerly he was the Director of Marketing at Sanyo Corp and was a co-founder for a tech startup. His public service includes mayoral appointment to the San Francisco Bay Waterfront Committee. Michael was a foreign exchange scholar at Waseda Univ in Tokyo. He is a graduate of the University of Redlands, and completed programs at George Mason University in Virginia and CCU in Taipei. He speaks English, Mandarin Chinese, French, Japanese & Spanish. Michael’s expertise includes international marketing and manufacturing. He has been interviewed by media including Thomson Reuters for his insights into global management.

Rick Jeffries

Web Marketing Manager

Rick Jeffries has 7+ years of SEO / Web Marketing experience and is well versed in marketing brands and businesses in numerous industries including:

  • Law / Legal
  • Start-up / New Ventures
  • Entertainment / News

With his background in blogging and branding, Rick is able to create top-notch strategy and solutions, while also creating a Return on Investment (ROI) for clients.

Debra Lavoy

Marketing Strategist

Deb Lavoy has 20 years experience as a marketing executive, at companies from startups to AOL, Adobe and OpenText and Jostle Corporation.

Her approach is to examine what is meaningful and powerful, about a product idea or service and makes sure you are getting that point across.

Debra is an award winning writer and speaker on marketing innovation. She is currently on the committee for the Mid-Atlantic TED talks among and is a frequent speaker at conferences such as South by Southwest.

Jessie Newburn

Business Development Manager

Jessie Newburn has 25+ years of experience in communications, engagement, marketing and business consulting, and has owned and operated a boutique agency for 15 years. She has seen front row and center the game-changing social, cultural, technological and business-case changes in marketing and communications and has continued to adapt with each step.

She recently oversaw communications for a large, complex, quasi-municipal organization. There she directed the organization’s strategic communications which included a TV show; a dozen-plus social media channels; and community, media and internal relations.

Keshav Rao B

Web Support Manager

Keshav Rao has 17 + years of experience as a Senior Technical Support manager. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in computer science and holds the following certifications: MCSA (Microsoft Certified System Administrator), CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) and SCSA (Sun Certified System Administrator).

Keshav possesses strong organizational and communication skills. He is very committed to the product life cycle and excels at ensuring that projects move swiftly and successfully throughout the production process. Keshav values client engagement and uses his expertise to assist customers in the optimization processes, including technical support for web development, planning, product development and network support.

Devender Madishetti

Web Operations Manager

Devender Madishetti has 15+ years of experience working in the IT industry. He worked for 3 years in media graphics, and has more than 12+ years of experience in Website (UI) Design and Development, website planning, managing and successfully executing IT projects. This includes working with clients, multiple business groups within organization, vendors, and staffing partners to quickly build partnerships and deliver high quality projects.

Devender’s technical and organizational skills, as well as his problem solving skills and ability to think analytically, have been key factors in his team’s successful completion of projects and have made it possible to meet the goals of companies and clients alike. Additionally, Devender’s ability to motivate teams by communicating effectively has aided him well in his line of work.

Kavita Tumpalli

PMP, App Development Manager

Kavita Tumpalli has 11 + years of experience with Software Web Development and Application Development with PMP Certification, Six Sigma Credentials; Masters in Computer Application. She has worked for GE Energy, Genuity Inc. MA, and Fidelity Investments, MA.

Kavita is a versatile project manager with expertise driving projects and leading cross-functional teams to consistently meet key program deliverables. She is adept at maintaining focus on achieving bottom-line results while formulating and implementing advanced technology and business solutions to meet a diversity of needs. She brings exemplary communication and attention to detail to exceed customer expectations and maintain high levels of client satisfaction.